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Happy New Year friends!

I hope 2018 brings you health, happiness and beautiful memories! As you can see, blogging has never been my strong suit but as I continue to grow, I am learning that sometimes we need to step outside comfort zones to bring new life into what already exists. I seem to spend the majority of my image sharing on Facebook, but as I move into 2018.. Blogging will take a front seat as my platform of sharing images so that I can also share the stories behind them.

You will also see a new website layout, new products, more behind the scenes and some new ideas coming to life.

To my current clients, thank you so much for inviting me to share your memories with you!

To those of you that I have yet to meet, I look forward to spending time with you and your family while providing you with a fun experience and beautiful images that you can enjoy for many years in the future!

See you soon!





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The "S" Family http://heathersoskinphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/the-s-family  

 I first met Jen and Tabb when their first daughter was 5 months old. They were the most adorable family, so you can imagine how excited I was to see them again when they came back this past weekend with there now 3 year old and 5 month old little girls. When they walked in the door I couldn't believe how much their 2nd little girl looked so much like her big sister when I last saw her! We had a great time catching up! And although baby sister wasn't too sure about the girl with the camera, we still managed to get some adorable shots of her, her big sister and the whole gorgeous family!

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Talented and Lovely! http://heathersoskinphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/talented-and-lovely Meet Kara! We worked together many years ago before I "retired" to stay home with my little ones. She is one of the most talented people I have known. Kara is a singer/songwriter and performs locally in the DC area music scene. Her voice if just as beautiful as her character and I was so honored that she asked me to photograph her. There are soo many gorgeous images from her shoot that I had a hard time narrowing them down for this post, hence, there are a few more "sneak peeks" in this post than normal. =)  Thank you so much Kara for making the drive out to the country for your session! Can't wait to see you again!






























































You can find out more about Kara and her talented self at   https://www.facebook.com/karafalckmusic


















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Playing in the woods! http://heathersoskinphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/playing-in-the-woods So we set out to have a beautiful photo session on a gorgeous piece of property not far from town. It has a few really cool buildings, space to run and trees galore! As I pulled up the stone driveway I saw what I knew I would eventually run into one day. The lawn crew. Yep, we had picked the same day as they did and all the tractors were out to manicure the lovely lawn. So I did what all photographers have to do at some point and just worked around them. We walked up the driveway a bit and found a treed area to set up and I snapped away! These 2 kiddos were awesome! They never complained and even battled the gnats...couldn't ask for better little ones!  


I just loved his little face on this one!!! Although big sister wasn't too amused. =)




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Arrgghh...Matey! http://heathersoskinphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/4/arrgghh-matey I photographed this little guy along with his sister this past week, but before we took the "formal" photos, his mom wanted to get some with a pirate theme for his birthday. I have been taking his pics since he was a newborn and he's always been just a little bit shy around me. He wasn't much of a talker and didn't really crack too many smiles even though I really, really tried! Not anymore...he was rockin' this session! Smiled, posed and even said my name for the first time!! (or at least that I had heard) It was awesome! Way to go, Jack! I know mom is going to LOVE these!!


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Craig & Mari | April 2013 http://heathersoskinphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/4/craig-mari Craig & Mari | Married!

I was so thrilled to share Craig and Mari's special day with them and their families! I wish you both all the best in the world! xoxo





































After the ceremony, we heading to the Comus Inn in Dickerson, Maryland where I met the rest of the family. You can just tell that they love each other so much! Craig's sisters were there to welcome Mari into the family by presenting her and Craig with their mother's ring. It was absolutely heart-warming!










































 Beautiful couple and a breathtaking view!















Mari chose Cherry Blossoms as the theme of the wedding (and since it's Cherry Blossom season here in the DC region, it was perfect!), so both her bouquet and cake were decorated with the beautiful blossom!!













































The rings

Craig's mom's ring.




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A break in the weather and a 10 year Anniversary! http://heathersoskinphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/a-break-in-the-weather-and-a-10-year-anniversary I'm sure that most of us can agree that spring is taking its sweet time getting here. Temps have been lower than normal here in DC this month so it was a nice little surprise when I woke up this past Saturday and saw that we were actually going to get up into the 50's that day (still a bit colder than I'd like it to be but it was a very much needed break from the 30's and 40's we have been having). Some friends of mine will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary any day now and wanted to have a photo shoot to commemorate their milestone, so we met down at Leesylvania Park in Northern Virginia and set up a fun little scene on the beach there. I LOVED Sue's dress, it was so darn cute!! ...and those shoes! This girl can put an ensemble together! And I can't forget to mention that Shawn looked pretty dapper himself! The scene was set as a romantic picnic with wine, cheese and crackers, reading material and a blanket and pillows. We also brought in a few more personal items that more closely pertained to their wedding day in Vegas 10 years ago. Yellow roses, pink Flamingo toasting flutes, her garter and their marriage license added to the scene. They were definitely a fun couple and as you can see, photographed beautifully! As I was editing for the blog post, I couldn't help but add a little nostalgia feeling to some of the images. It just seemed appropriate for the setting and the attire. They looked so much like a cute couple out of a magazine or movie dated back in the 40's or 50's...kind of reminded me of the movie The Notebook. Happy Anniversary Shawn and Sue! <3

































































And of course we had to have a little fun!

































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Happy 1st Birthday! http://heathersoskinphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/happy-1st-birthday I arrived at this little guy's house for his 1 year session while he was still taking a nap. Which gave his mom (whom I've known since I was my daughters age) and I a few minutes to catch up. When we heard him making some noise upstairs, his mom went up to get him and brought him down in full smiles!! As a childrens photographer and a mom myself, I know that right after nap time can typically be a rough transition for the little one...they are still a bit sleepy and just want to cuddle with mom and eat. The last thing they want is for someone to come at them with a camera! But not this little guy, he was amazing! He sat right down and flashed that cute grin and we went to town! He was soo good! Even when it came time for his cake smash...he dug right in! Hands, feet, and face! Happy Birthday Braden!















































and after we were done, there was enough left unsmashed for his big sister to enjoy! ~HSP


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New Name..New blog...New Website.. Oh My! http://heathersoskinphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/new-name-new-blog-new-website-oh-my Rebranding is an exciting adventure. It's an opportunity to re-invent yourself and your business. When I started on this journey I went in full force. I picked a name that meant something special to me and I started working right away. Now that I am completing my 3rd year as a successful photography business, it's time to amp things up a bit. So I am bidding adieu to 'eleven o eight photography' and entering the world as 'Heather Soskin Photography'. Times change and we must change along with them. I have learned so much over the past year from highly successful photographers that I look up to and I am so gracious for the opportunity to learn from them. I'm hoping to have all of my business changes set in place by May 1, 2013 and I am super excited for them.

I must say, this whole experience is surreal. I have an abundance of support from family, friends and amazing clients. Without them, I would not be able to fulfill this dream. I am incredibly lucky....and so very thankful!

This will be the new address to my blog and I'm looking forward to sharing my life and what I create with you here. It will be fun, quirky and sometimes a little goofy! So hold on tight....and WELCOME TO THE NEW ME!   *hs






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